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Bardmoor Elementary School †

Home of the Bardmoor Bulldogs
Bardmoor Elementary School
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Latest News
Contact Bardmoor
Bardmoor Elementary School
8900 Greenbriar Road
Seminole, FL 33777
Office: 727-547-7824
Fax: 727-545-6593
Our Vision and Mission
The vision for Bardmoor Elementary is 100% student success. The mission of Bardmoor Elementary is to educate and prepare each student for further education, career and life.

Leigh 2013
Leigh Owens, Principal
Leigh Owens joined the Bardmoor family in 2012 as our principal. Ms. Owens has been with Pinellas County Schools since 1999. During that time she served as a teacher at Pinellas Park Elementary, curriculum specialist, reading coach and most recently as the Assistant Principal at Southern Oak.

Personal Message:
My vision for Bardmoor Elementary is 100% student success. My mission for Bardmoor is to educate and prepare each student for further education, career and life. It is important for our students to not just be ready for middle school when they leave Bardmoor, but to also be lifelong learners prepared to take on high school, college and careers. Working together as a school, parents and community we will have successful students!
Shirley Garrett, Assistant Principal
Mrs. Garrett has been a teacher and administrator in Pinellas County Schools since 1984. She taught kindergarten at Walsingham, Bardmoor and Dunedin Elementary schools. Since 1997 Mrs. Garrett has served as an assistant principal at Belcher Elementary and now Bardmoor Elementary.

Personal Message:
I am very happy to be serving the students and parents of Bardmoor Elementary. It is my belief that all students can be academically successful through the united supportive efforts of the family and school. The Parent/Teacher communication is a critical part of that support. I appreciate the parental involvement I see and encourage others to make that commitment whether it is attending PTA meetings and after school programs or volunteering in classrooms. Parental involvement equates to student success.

Should you have questions or concerns you may call or visit me at school. I maintain an open door policy and welcome all parents who stop by. Together we DO make a difference.
School Hours
8:35 a.m. to 2:35 p.m. M-F

Our new school year begins August 19th, 2013. There will be no early release Wednesdays this year. School hours are 8:35 a.m. to 2:35 p.m. M-F. Breakfast starts at 8:05 a.m. Breakfast students should arrive no later than 8:15. First bell rings at 8:25 a.m. and students are considered tardy if they are not in their seats at 8:35 a.m. We request whenever possible to set appointments for after student hours since it disrupts instruction to pull students during class time.

Title I blocks
Click to learn how Title I benefits our staff, students, community and familes
FREE breakfast and lunch for ALL Bardmoor students
All Bardmoor students qualify for FREE breakfast and lunch. No application process will be required at the school level. The State of Florida is participating in a new program with the National School Lunch and Breakfast programs aimed at streamlining eligibility for free meals - Community Eligibility Option (CEO).
Our Newsletters and Menus
These will be updated as the school year progresses.

Click for PTA information
home school
Parent Academy
Pinellas County Schools (PCS) via the Office of Strategic Partnerships is excited about the launching of P2ACC (Preparing Parents to Advocate for their Children and Community) Parent Academy.
The purpose is to promote parental engagement and enhance student academic success by focusing on the 5 key components:

1) Parent Education/Tools/Tips
2) Parents, Staff, School and Community Relations
3) Engagement/Involvement
4) Parent, Family and Community Resources
5) Policy, Laws and Practice

As part of the academy, spring workshops for parents will be offered in schools, libraries, community centers, government offices, and faith-based organizations throughout the district.
Attached is a copy of the 2014 P2ACC Parent Academy Spring Catalog and, we are asking you to inform your parents. They can register by calling our office at 588-6405 or going to the website.
we need you
Volunteer Opportunities
Together we can make a difference. We welcome you to become involved in Bardmoor through our Parent Teacher Association (PTA), our School Advisory Committee (SAC) and as volunteers and guest speakers. Please submit a copy of your driver's license and the attached volunteer registration form to the office. If you are already registered, stop in and update your status for the current year.

Parent Resources
Click to view additional resources
Annual School Financial Report
The Annual School Financial Report has been posted to the district website. Florida Statutes require each school to distribute this report to their parents as soon possible. The easiest way to complete this requirement is to provide the link within the parentís page of your school website with a statement that the report is there for their information. If you do not have an individual website, then you can mail or email the links to your parents.

The report can be found on the district website under Business/Accounting/ Publications/2012-13 School Financial Report. Alternatively, the link below will take you directly to the School Report:

Section 1010.215, Florida Statutes, requires each school to distribute this report to parents. A copy is enclosed and a link to the Statute is shown below:

Student Computer Access
If you have trouble accessing a computer program, due to student log in issues, please email and Mrs. Ottinger will attempt to resolve the issue.
Click here to view classroom projects
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School improvement
Our 2013 School Improvement Plan (S.I.P.)

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